Hostess Rewards

5 Star Hostess Rewards

One of the super exciting ways Park Lane Jewellery delivers amazing jewellery at amazing prices.

The Hostess Rewards is specifically for the Hostess of a Jewellery Party, so who wouldn’t want to have a party when they are rewarded with these exciting offers, and you to do the presenting! If it’s too good to be true, it must be Park Lane!


1. Thank You Awards
The Hostess is able to choose one item from the Thank You Award collection featured inside and only pay $19.00.

2. Customer Order Credit

With every order made at a party, the Hostess is rewarded with a $20 credit, if there are ten or more orders Park Lane doubles this and rewards the Hostess with a $40 credit per order!

3. Half Price Shopping

The Hostess is able to choose up to four regular-line items and pay only HALF PRICE!

4. Hostess Only Collection

The Hostess may qualify (with a $250 Net Party Order) to purchase up to FOUR ‘Hostess Only’ items at a discounted price.

5. Booking Awards

If you secure one booking for a party and your event Park Lane will give you a $50 credit, if you secure two bookings for parties Park Lane will give you an additional $50 credit, and if you secure three bookings you’ll be rewarded with a $200 credit for $22.


If you do secure three bookings at your party Park Lane may generously rewards you with a Booking ring for just $22.