I started with Park Lane after I saw how well my friend Sherree was doing with her business. When I found out the company was so new in Australia I realised this was an exciting ground floor opportunity I didn’t want to miss out on. The other things that caught my attention were the amazing host rewards, the generous compensation plan, the customer bonus plan, the lifetime guarantee on the stunning jewellery and the fact that you could earn two all expenses paid overseas trips every year as a fashion director. Once I got started I realised how easy it was to book parties because everyone loves the jewellery and the host rewards make people’s eyes light up. I also quickly found out how generous the company is. I’ve been showered in free jewellery and every time more arrives on my doorstep it’s like Christmas! I’m making more money than I ever have in the direct sales industry and I’ve only just started. I can only imagine how exciting my paychecks will be in a year or so. I also love that we get paid every week.. how great is that! I’ve met some lovely people through Park Lane, everyone is so welcoming. The people that run the company are wonderful as well. I have never felt like a number to them.. I feel like I’m part of a big family and we’re all cheering each other on. I can’t wait to start earning trips and taking my family overseas. I’m also really looking forward to the conventions in Vegas. None of this feels like work to me, it’s just fun and rewarding and I’m really excited about building a team and helping other people make their dreams a reality. That’s the best part about Park Lane, you can use it as a vehicle to create anything you want.. from a bit of extra cash, to a life changing career. The sky is the limit.


Ally McLennan,