Hi my name is Kari Van Leeuwen from Brisbane, Queensland!  When hearing about Park Lane I was a little be apprehensive to join another party plan business, however now my only regret is not taking up the opportunity the minute Sherree Sparks introduced me to it!!

Park Lane has been a wonderful journey for me, I started in the business  just wanting some extra cash, pay the credit cards, you know the usual things, oh and sometime where I could be ME!!  So in February 2015 I started my journey and haven’t looked back.  I have recently been promoted to Area Leader and have a wonderful team of girls,  I am so excited about my future with Park Lane.   I truly believe in the saying “you can’t fail with Park Lane unless you quit”!

I love being able to work my business around my family and the ability to work part time hours but earn a full time income.   I love that Park Lane is so generous with their Fashion Directors, has the best hostess reward plan in the industry and the customer bonus plan is amazing, not to mention the unconditional guarantee.   Park Lane can be whatever you want it to be, just grasp the opportunity and give it all that you’ve got, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, you will only be like me and wish you had started earlier!

Kari xx

Kari Van Leeuwen Brisbane QLD,