"I can only think of 1 reason why someone wouldn’t join Park Lane Jewellery...
“They don’t have the information about this Incredible Company”
Hi Samantha Sands from the Fabulous Gold Coast.
Park Lane came into my life in July 2014, as an owner of a hair salon with 5 staff as well as another side business, yes you could say I am a very busy person. Did I want another business? NO, Did I have time for another business? No… So why did I take on Park Lane? Yes another business…
* This company has been around longer than me 60 years, which means to me its secure, safe and they know what they are doing.
* The way they look after their Customers, Hostesses & Fashion Directors is Crazy Good…..
* Do you have to be a jewellery expert? No…. Once people see the jewellery they seriously just want it. Then add in the customer bonus item sale and they are blown away with what they get for so little….
* Our team of leaders are so dedicated to helping people and sharing their knowledge and information so nobody is left wondering what or how???
* Majority of people have never worked with party plan before, we support anyone who joins us 100%.
* Everybody has the opportunity to go on 2 all expenses paid family trips every year.
* Friendships made have blown me away. I thought I had enough friends. Clearly not.
This is hands down the Best Easiest Business opportunity I have ever been presented with and I Love Love Love sharing it with anyone I can, because “Park Lane can seriously change people lives forever”.
“Park Lane gives us the Dream, Now its up to us to make it Ours”
We cant wait for you to join our Team

Samantha, Area Manager Gold Coast, QLD,