“Hi, my name is Sharon Dobe & I can’t rave about Park Lane Jewellery enough! I joined in June 2015 after attending a friend’s party & loving the quality of the jewellery, the unconditional guarantee (yes, it IS true), the amazing customer bonus sale & the very generous hostess rewards. I’m a huge direct selling fan & am yet to come across any other company that offers so much to customers, hostess’s & consultants. Sometimes I wonder how Park Lane makes any money by being so generous but it’s clearly a system that has been working for them for over 60 years as they are debt free.
I have a ‘regular’ job as a domestic flight attendant but was looking for some extra cash to help with the mortgage. Having done a short stint of direct selling before, I was looking at doing something like that again even though that experience wasn’t a great one to be honest but this type of work (or fun) can easily fit around my work schedule. I started researching & was tossing up between another company & Park Lane. Guess who won? Great pay, lots of FREE jewellery, generous hostess rewards, very little outlay, they look after customers as well, no sales/party pressure (which was very important to me after my last experience). The complete opposite of my previous direct selling experience. I never achieved anything with the other company but with Park Lane, I have earned so much free jewellery just for doing my job & my party bookings have been constant. I’ve done more parties with Park Lane in a few months than I ever did in a year with the other company as the incentive is there for ladies to book a party which makes it easy for me to earn all my FREE jewellery! I am excited to see what the future holds & look forward to building a team & help others fulfil their dreams too. Best decision I’ve made in a long time!

Sharon Dobe,