Hey there,

I would love to share with you how being open to a new opportunity has changed my life and that of my family!  I was approached to look at the 'Park Lane Jewellery' business opportunity by my dear friend Rebel, a couple of months before launching here in Australia last year.  I have been self employed across a number of disciplines from Human Resource Consulting, Mortage Broking and Media Consulting for the past 24 years and knew a great opportunity when I saw it!  Park Lane Jewellery was already a hugely successful company being established since 1955 and it was about to launch here in Australia!  I researched the company, loved their collection and was super impressed by their compensation plan and even more so by the amazing Customer & Hostess bonus schemes!  This was a smart business with a great human ethos and I knew I had to be a part of it!  As a single mum with two boys, my goal was to develop a strong team and move away from traditional business where I was always chasing clients for payment and working to secure new clients.  I wanted something more solid and less stressful!  In my first couple of months with Park Lane, I earnt a free trip to Aruba in the Caribbean and am now eleven months down the track - a Division Manager with Park Lane.  I now have a team of over a hundred ladies who are now all working towards building their own businesses and in turn helping others discover how this business changes lives!  I know firsthand how this business can change lives!  I now have so much more free time for myself and my family!  The decision for me was a 'no-brainer'!

Sheron Drinkwater,