"My only regret in joining Park Lane is, I wish I had started sooner!

 When Rebel invited me along to the launch in March last year, it was THE WORST possible timing. I had just started my own handbag/jewellery business and I was so focussed on it that I had no interest what so ever in any other new venture. I went along anyway to support Rebel and thank goodness I did!!!! It seemed way too good to be true!

Park Lane has changed my life! I get to do this amazing business around my family so I don't miss a thing! School carnivals, concerts, assemblies I'm at them all!!! The best part is I get to help others achieve the same! If someone said to me that within 8 months of joining Park Lane I would rank advance to the very top position of Senior Division and be making the income I do each and every month (whether I work or not) I wouldn't have believed them.

I still can't believe it actually!!!Don't be like me and wished you had started sooner. 2015 can be the beginning of an amazing year for you and your family! I'd love nothing more to be sitting here this time next year be and reading about your amazing success with Park Lane. But first you need to make the decision to move forward and choose the lifestyle you deserve. What comes after that is the fun part. See you at the top! xx"

SHERREE - Senior Divison Manager Bridgeman Downs, Qld,