My Park Lane story started when I was stuck in an airport waiting to get on a plane to come home after an overseas holiday.

I saw a post on Facebook which I had now come across for the 2nd time and thought maybe I’ll just find out a bit about this.

When I was reading through all the information I honestly thought there must be catch somewhere as it just seemed too good to be true. After speaking to Wendy Javni she assured me that it wasn’t too good to be true and she had searched high and low and was yet to find the catch as there wasn’t one!

 I had never done anything like this before and each party I do I learn something new.

 We have some amazing women who are a constant source of information, inspiration, encouragement and who are so approachable and friendly.

 The jewellery is amazing and it’s hard not to get excited when talking about it!!

 I look forward to seeing where my Park Lane journey will take me ….. on an all-expenses paid overseas holiday hopefully very soon!!

SIMONE - Fashion Director Geelong, VIC,