I have to admit I was quite out of my comfort zone when I even considered joining a “Direct Sales Company,” I NEVER EVER thought I would do anything like this!!! I was however, looking for something for myself, to do outside of being the “Wife” and “Mother” and running the office in My Husbands Manufacturing Company. A bit of research led me to find interest in Park Lane! The amount of confidence placed into the gorgeous products Park Lane offers is above anything else I had seen in today’s market, and trust me, I looked at a lot of options! Eventually, I thought I would give it a shot; and honestly, looking back, I only wish I joined the team sooner! What an amazing journey it has been for me already! In just my first month as a Fashion Director with Park Lane, I was ranked in the TOP 5 representatives for Australian Sales and I had already started growing my team! It seemed ridiculous, as I didn’t feel like I was working hard enough to be achieving such placements! In the weeks following that, I achieved my first rank advancement! I couldn’t believe it!! I was working only a few hours each week, I was earning more money then what I would be at any full time “desk job” and most importantly I was having more time with my children and family!!! I am so glad I am a part of the Park Lane Family! I now have the most unbelievable Work-Life Balance and I am so much happier for it! When I am working, I honestly enjoy every moment of it! My children, husband and I get more quality time together and love being a part of my journey with Park Lane Jewellery too!

Nikki Beetham Area Manager Townsville, Queensland,