Hello, my name is Jan Price and I am a Fashion Director based in Townsville.
In June 2014, my husband and I retired after many years in the work force. We have always loved travelling, especially cruising, have a great social life and many close friends and family. In November 2012 I became a Nanna as well.
Since retiring, we continue to enjoy life to the full! I have been an active celebrant for almost six years as well. Although retired from the traditional workforce, I have most certainly not retired from life and approached my hairdresser, who I knew was a Park Lane Jewellery Consultant. After having a coffee with the lovely Maddy, I realised this was for me and I could easily work this Park Lane Jewellery business around my lifestyle and Celebrant commitments!
I achieved my kit before I even had my launch party and from there it has been fantastic. I love been a part of this business. The bonus system, the help I get to be successful, and the jewellery that I get for getting out there and sharing with lovely girls. It's amazing! To anyone deciding if this business is for them, I say 'Give it a go'! The only thing my hubby tells me now is "You always took a while to get ready to go out, but now you take even longer having to decide what jewellery to wear with your outfits"!

Jan Price,