Hello my name is Lucy. I am a mother of 2 beautiful children and a wife to my hard working husband.

 I first saw Park Lane on Facebook when Rebel Whale posted an advertisement.   I had not heard of Park Lane Jewellery before and I thought the jewellery was simply beautiful.

 At the time I was looking for some extra money so my husband could come off aternoon shift to spend more time with his family, so research I did. I could not fault what I was reading so I booked a party to see what it was all about.

 Rebel put me in the wonderful hands of Wendy Javni who came into my home and did a party for me.  Once again I could not fault Park Lane.

  I decided to join up on Christmas eve as a little present to me and became a Fashion Director with Park Lane Jewellery.

 I am happy to say my husband is now off afternoon shift and can spend the evenings at home, which without the OMG support of the Park Lane family would not have happened.

 My journey has just begun but, I do say watch this space because with Park Lane Jewellery by my side I can feel a fabulous time ahead!

LUCY - Fashion Director Bendigo, VIC,