"I know it might sound cliche but I honestly can't believe how much my life has changed since I joined Park Lane Jewellery only a few short months ago. I was working as a diversional therapist in an aged care facility and as a single mum and I was finding that the 9 to 5 gig just wasn't working for me. I had to miss out on many of my daughter's school activities not to mention having to take time off whenever my daughter was unwell to care for her. My job was emotionally and mentally very draining and difficult and after 8 years in the industry I decided that I needed a complete career change.
I didn't know what it was that I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to work in a job which was more flexible so that I could work my job around my family and lifestyle instead of the other way around and I knew I wanted to work in an environment which made me feel happy and gave me job satisfaction. Then late last year I found it!!!
I was scrolling through my facebook page when I saw an advertisement and at first I didn't even respond to it! I guess it was fear and self doubt that initially stopped me from enquiring but the second time I saw the ad I decided I'd look into it and I'm so glad I did. Flexibe hours, fun environment, opportunity to travel the world........I couldn't believe that I could start my own business for less than the cost of a new dress! And then after looking into it more I made the decision to give it a go because I decided that the worst thing that could actually happen was I'd end up with lots of gorgous jewellery and that wasn't so bad anyway.... But I could also end up with the exciting new career I wanted so much. It was the latter that occurred for me because after only a few months since joining I have established the most amazing team of ladies who I am SO proud of, have earned loads of free jewellery and was able to leave my job in aged care and focus on my new career.
I received so much support and training and it's the sort of business that you can adapt to your personal needs, commitments and lifestyle. There is never any pressure to meet sales quotas - you totally work your business the way you want to. I feel so grateful that I didn't allow my fear and self-doubt from preventing me from taking the plunge because I love every minute of my job x"

WENDY - Area Director Bell Park, Vic,