"My introduction to Park Lane Jewellery came to me as my daughter tagged me in a post she had seen. I contacted Rebel and for a week or so badgered her with many questions, whilst I researched the products and the company. Then I just said to myself ‘what have I got to loose’. So I joined up in March 2014 with the Presidential kit. (Because I am a girl that has to have it all!!!). I went to the launch of Park Lane in Sydney and was absolutely mesmerised by the jewellery and the friendliness of the people that were there.
From then on there was no looking back!!! Partying for your job is unheard of, enjoying what you do each day is unbelievable, and working when you want to is a dream! What an amazing opportunity came my way!
I have never been overseas before, but in 2014 I went to the convention in Chicago – this was uplifting to say the least. I also won a trip to Aruba, all expenses paid – this was a special place, beautiful and spectacular. So from a girl that always said ‘I am not going overseas ever’ I have certainly changed my thoughts. What a change of lifestyle and experiences Park Lane has offered me.
The friends I have made in Park Lane is unbelievable. We have laughed, cried, and enjoyed one another’s company – true friends. The support in this company is remarkable, the gifts they shower upon us are astonishing and I am so proud to be a Park Lane representative."

JENNIFER - Area Manager, Wantabadgery, NSW