"My only regret in joining Park Lane is, I wish I had started sooner!

 When Rebel invited me along to the launch in March last year, it was THE WORST possible timing. I had just started my own handbag/jewellery business and I was so focussed on it that I had no interest what so ever in any other new venture. I went along anyway to support Rebel and thank goodness I did!!!! It seemed way too good to be true!

Park Lane has changed my life! I get to do this amazing business around my family so I don't miss a thing! School carnivals, concerts, assemblies I'm at them all!!! The best part is I get to help others achieve the same! If someone said to me that within 8 months of joining Park Lane I would rank advance to the very top position of Senior Division and be making the income I do each and every month (whether I work or not) I wouldn't have believed them.

I still can't believe it actually!!!Don't be like me and wished you had started sooner. 2015 can be the beginning of an amazing year for you and your family! I'd love nothing more to be sitting here this time next year be and reading about your amazing success with Park Lane. But first you need to make the decision to move forward and choose the lifestyle you deserve. What comes after that is the fun part. See you at the top! xx"

SHERREE - Senior Divison Manager Bridgeman Downs, Qld,

"As a mum of 3 young kids and with a husband who works away (Fly in Fly out), I rarely had time to get out and enjoy adult conversation, and hardly ever was able to make time to socialise with other women. I saw an advertisement on Facebook in May 2014 and responded because the jewellery looked amazing. I did some research and decided I would buy a kit. I had no idea if I would be able to sell it or even if I wanted to, but the kit was great value and I love fashion jewellery. I had zero experience at selling anything and thought if I can't sell it, then worse case scenario would be that I still have the jewellery to wear.
When the kit arrived, I had a Launch Party and from that week on I had a party or 2 every weekend, and in fact I paid for my kit in just 2 parties.
Before I purchased the kit I was a little worried I didn't have a large amount of friends, but it turned out it didn't matter as I got bookings from my friend's parties and I have just continued on from there. The best bit now is that I have so many more friends than when I started and I have met some amazing ladies who's friendship will be lifelong.
Park Lane offers an amazing amount of incentives and within the first couple of months I had earned a ticket to Aruba in the Caribbean just for showing the jewellery and getting out of my house a couple of times a week. I have also since earned a trip to Paris for myself and my husband, which I will be enjoying in March this year.
Park Lane has gone from something of a hobby to changing my life completely. As a family we are planning for my husband to not have to work away and that will be so amazing for all of us. In October 2014 I was named the number 1 seller of Park Lane jewellery in Australia. So if you are thinking it's something you can't do, you absolutely can, and you can start with zero experience. I'm living proof of it!"

Tanya Piggot - Senior Divison Manager , Mareeba, Qld

"I joined with Park Lane Jewellery in May last year (2014) and it has been a HUGE adventure since then!

 I decided to take the step, very reluctantly, extremely nervous but thought what have I got to lose. I thought Park Lane could be my hobby!  I was working as a relief teacher, since having my children and had totally lost the passion for teaching and had no direction as to what else I could do except be a "Mummy".

 I did my first party, and I absolutely loved it! I got to meet so many new friends, show gorgeous jewellery, drink wine, get dressed up and  go out at night time!! My social life took on a whole new level!! From then on, I was partying nearly every weekend. I wore my jewellery everywhere and started to tell ladies everywhere I went about Park Lane. Before I knew it I had two close friends signed up, and I had been promoted to Branch Director!!

 My team started growing ....fast.... and before I knew it I was an Area Manager! Wow, it was just incredible!! I love what I do now, my team of girls are amazing and I am making great money and no longer need to go to a job that I am not interested in!!

 My hobby is my job!! How lucky am I!"

CALISE - Division Manager Cashmere, QLD,

"My Name is Emma Fiorenza and I started with Park Lane late October 2014. I came across a Facebook post late one night after spending a week "looking" for something different to do instead of your usually part time job or 9-5 job. I really wasn't looking to do party plan but something grabbed my attention in the advertisement and I thought what was the worst thing that could happen? I would end up with some gorgeous jewellery and a bit of experience so I jumped in and got started. BEST THING I EVER DID!!

The team are fantastic, the jewellery is amazing and I am making more money than I ever thought I would or could! I moved to Branch Director very quickly and I have had some beautiful friends and ladies join my team and I can't wait to see their Park Lane journey unfold too!

Park Lane thank you so much for this opportunity, I just can't thank you enough! I can fit this around my busy schedule and still be a stay at home mum to our beautiful 3 year old and 17 month old. Its so much fun! It got me out of my shell again and meeting new people is the best part!

Have a go and you will be surprised with the amazing journey it will take you on. Come join the team you will love it !!"

EMMA - Division manager Geraldton, WA,

Hey there,

I would love to share with you how being open to a new opportunity has changed my life and that of my family!  I was approached to look at the 'Park Lane Jewellery' business opportunity by my dear friend Rebel, a couple of months before launching here in Australia last year.  I have been self employed across a number of disciplines from Human Resource Consulting, Mortage Broking and Media Consulting for the past 24 years and knew a great opportunity when I saw it!  Park Lane Jewellery was already a hugely successful company being established since 1955 and it was about to launch here in Australia!  I researched the company, loved their collection and was super impressed by their compensation plan and even more so by the amazing Customer & Hostess bonus schemes!  This was a smart business with a great human ethos and I knew I had to be a part of it!  As a single mum with two boys, my goal was to develop a strong team and move away from traditional business where I was always chasing clients for payment and working to secure new clients.  I wanted something more solid and less stressful!  In my first couple of months with Park Lane, I earnt a free trip to Aruba in the Caribbean and am now eleven months down the track - a Division Manager with Park Lane.  I now have a team of over a hundred ladies who are now all working towards building their own businesses and in turn helping others discover how this business changes lives!  I know firsthand how this business can change lives!  I now have so much more free time for myself and my family!  The decision for me was a 'no-brainer'!

Sheron Drinkwater,

"Hi my name is Cara Hickey and I would like to share with you why I chose Park Lane Jewellery. I am 43 years of age and together with my husband run very large, busy and fast paced retail stores that are family owned. I gave up my own business 3 years ago to have our gorgeous little boy, work more in the family business and be a mum, something I had always wanted to be.
I wanted something else though, something for me. Something that would reignite my passion again. I often considered if I should go back to my agency work. But times in retail have changed and I was ready for a change too, but what?!
Late one night I came across a post on Facebook. I can’t even remember what it was that made me look but I am a HUGE jewellery lover so it would have been the gorgeous jewellery. But something had me and I kept looking and went away and did some research of my own. I have always worked for my self in sales but had never done direct selling/party plan before.
I mentioned it to my husband who suggested I should go to the convention and check it out. He had seen that sparkle back in my eye of doing something that I would love.
Park Lane launched here in Australia in March 2014. I was off and racing.
With our amazing Customer Bonus Sale, 5 Star Hostess Rewards and the incredible incentives we receive as Fashion Directors for showing and sharing this amazing opportunity, I thought ‘how can this go wrong’! It’s jewellery! It’s gorgeous! I have earned hundreds of dollars of free jewellery, 6 designer clothing outfits and have been paid a fantastic income for a part time job. Not to mention the trip to Aruba and the trip to Paris! All expenses paid, all for just doing my job. I love the incentives and the recognition Park Lane offers. Who doesn’t like being rewarded and told they are doing a great job?
I have a great team of ladies all around Australia whom I am honoured to call my friends. I started here with no experience in direct selling or party plan. I started as a Branch Director and in 8 months have moved through the ranks to Division Leader with my sights set on Senior Division and ultimately a franchise. I love helping my team achieve their goals and am pleased to say that the first lady in Australia to achieve 2 trips to Paris was one of my girls! Fantastic achievement for her.
I am soo glad I came across Park Lane Jewellery, the opportunities are endless. As the saying goes ‘If it is too good to be true it must be Park Lane!’"

CARA - Division Manager, Chermside, QLD

I have to admit I was quite out of my comfort zone when I even considered joining a “Direct Sales Company,” I NEVER EVER thought I would do anything like this!!! I was however, looking for something for myself, to do outside of being the “Wife” and “Mother” and running the office in My Husbands Manufacturing Company. A bit of research led me to find interest in Park Lane! The amount of confidence placed into the gorgeous products Park Lane offers is above anything else I had seen in today’s market, and trust me, I looked at a lot of options! Eventually, I thought I would give it a shot; and honestly, looking back, I only wish I joined the team sooner! What an amazing journey it has been for me already! In just my first month as a Fashion Director with Park Lane, I was ranked in the TOP 5 representatives for Australian Sales and I had already started growing my team! It seemed ridiculous, as I didn’t feel like I was working hard enough to be achieving such placements! In the weeks following that, I achieved my first rank advancement! I couldn’t believe it!! I was working only a few hours each week, I was earning more money then what I would be at any full time “desk job” and most importantly I was having more time with my children and family!!! I am so glad I am a part of the Park Lane Family! I now have the most unbelievable Work-Life Balance and I am so much happier for it! When I am working, I honestly enjoy every moment of it! My children, husband and I get more quality time together and love being a part of my journey with Park Lane Jewellery too!

Nikki Beetham Area Manager Townsville, Queensland,

Hi my name is Kari Van Leeuwen from Brisbane, Queensland!  When hearing about Park Lane I was a little be apprehensive to join another party plan business, however now my only regret is not taking up the opportunity the minute Sherree Sparks introduced me to it!!

Park Lane has been a wonderful journey for me, I started in the business  just wanting some extra cash, pay the credit cards, you know the usual things, oh and sometime where I could be ME!!  So in February 2015 I started my journey and haven’t looked back.  I have recently been promoted to Area Leader and have a wonderful team of girls,  I am so excited about my future with Park Lane.   I truly believe in the saying “you can’t fail with Park Lane unless you quit”!

I love being able to work my business around my family and the ability to work part time hours but earn a full time income.   I love that Park Lane is so generous with their Fashion Directors, has the best hostess reward plan in the industry and the customer bonus plan is amazing, not to mention the unconditional guarantee.   Park Lane can be whatever you want it to be, just grasp the opportunity and give it all that you’ve got, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, you will only be like me and wish you had started earlier!

Kari xx

Kari Van Leeuwen Brisbane QLD,

"My introduction to Park Lane Jewellery came to me as my daughter tagged me in a post she had seen. I contacted Rebel and for a week or so badgered her with many questions, whilst I researched the products and the company. Then I just said to myself ‘what have I got to loose’. So I joined up in March 2014 with the Presidential kit. (Because I am a girl that has to have it all!!!). I went to the launch of Park Lane in Sydney and was absolutely mesmerised by the jewellery and the friendliness of the people that were there.
From then on there was no looking back!!! Partying for your job is unheard of, enjoying what you do each day is unbelievable, and working when you want to is a dream! What an amazing opportunity came my way!
I have never been overseas before, but in 2014 I went to the convention in Chicago – this was uplifting to say the least. I also won a trip to Aruba, all expenses paid – this was a special place, beautiful and spectacular. So from a girl that always said ‘I am not going overseas ever’ I have certainly changed my thoughts. What a change of lifestyle and experiences Park Lane has offered me.
The friends I have made in Park Lane is unbelievable. We have laughed, cried, and enjoyed one another’s company – true friends. The support in this company is remarkable, the gifts they shower upon us are astonishing and I am so proud to be a Park Lane representative."

JENNIFER - Area Manager, Wantabadgery, NSW

"I know it might sound cliche but I honestly can't believe how much my life has changed since I joined Park Lane Jewellery only a few short months ago. I was working as a diversional therapist in an aged care facility and as a single mum and I was finding that the 9 to 5 gig just wasn't working for me. I had to miss out on many of my daughter's school activities not to mention having to take time off whenever my daughter was unwell to care for her. My job was emotionally and mentally very draining and difficult and after 8 years in the industry I decided that I needed a complete career change.
I didn't know what it was that I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to work in a job which was more flexible so that I could work my job around my family and lifestyle instead of the other way around and I knew I wanted to work in an environment which made me feel happy and gave me job satisfaction. Then late last year I found it!!!
I was scrolling through my facebook page when I saw an advertisement and at first I didn't even respond to it! I guess it was fear and self doubt that initially stopped me from enquiring but the second time I saw the ad I decided I'd look into it and I'm so glad I did. Flexibe hours, fun environment, opportunity to travel the world........I couldn't believe that I could start my own business for less than the cost of a new dress! And then after looking into it more I made the decision to give it a go because I decided that the worst thing that could actually happen was I'd end up with lots of gorgous jewellery and that wasn't so bad anyway.... But I could also end up with the exciting new career I wanted so much. It was the latter that occurred for me because after only a few months since joining I have established the most amazing team of ladies who I am SO proud of, have earned loads of free jewellery and was able to leave my job in aged care and focus on my new career.
I received so much support and training and it's the sort of business that you can adapt to your personal needs, commitments and lifestyle. There is never any pressure to meet sales quotas - you totally work your business the way you want to. I feel so grateful that I didn't allow my fear and self-doubt from preventing me from taking the plunge because I love every minute of my job x"

WENDY - Area Director Bell Park, Vic,

Park Lane has truly bought so much magic into my life.

I am a Head Teacher in a High School and my work load is huge… I would find myself

working tirelessly in front of the computer night after night.

As a single mother of 1 little boy, I found myself restricted to nights and weekends alone

or heading out to do the sporting thing or again doing work that really wasn’t in my job

role. I felt there was a real void in my life and I needed something for me but what?

I came across an advertisement about Park Lane jewellery and became very intrigued by

the wonderful pursuits and the positivity of the women in the Park Lane Rebels group

and the opportunities this business offered. I introduced myself to Rebel Whale who set

me up on the path to success.

I started in May 2015, to date I have been to Chicago for the 60 Year Jubilee Park Lane

Convention and met the founder of the company Shirley Levin and CEO Scott Levin and

brothers Arthur and Mark. Managed to earn a cruise on Lake Michigan, a gorgeous Park

Lane ensemble and a bonus $500 cheque, I achieved Branch manager within 9 weeks

and had started building my own personal team. I have travelled to Newcastle to talk

about my personal journey with Park Lane at a business opportunity meeting and flying

out to Brisbane for a meeting with the amazing Tom Judson.

I am also very excited about having almost earned an all expenses paid trip to Lisbon

Portugal in March 2016.

If that isn’t enough every month I have earned the gorgeous ensemble for meeting sales

goals and I have also earned anywhere from $600 to $1000 worth of jewellery a month

as well as being paid a weekly income.

There are so many opportunities and my end goal is to build a successful business

where I can retire early and just sell this gorgeous jewellery. Park Lane has offered me

an amazing opportunity to save for my retirement, build an amazing future for my son

and I, fulfill my dreams of travel and fill an empty void in my life.

I love the shows, the positive interactions with a wide variety of woman from all walks

of life and the support and encouragement from an amazing and inspiring team of like

minded women from the Park Lane Family.

The incentives are amazing… I encourage you to think seriously about this amazing

business opportunity.

Katrina Navan-Branch Manager,Port Macquarie,NSW,

"Hi, I'm Sandra and I have been with Park Lane since we launched Australia in March 2014. I also own a Personal Styling business on the Gold Coast and knew the minute I saw the amazing Jewellery come through my newsfeed that I wanted it for my clients. Initially I wasn't interested in parties or recruiting just the bling! I am the first one to tell you I suck at selling, totally true, BUT the beauty of our gorgeous Jewellery is truly that it sells itself!Within a couple of months in the business I realised how easy it was, from the amazing benefits we offer our Hostesses, Customers and a Lifetime Guarantee that ensures booking after booking.
I have now come to realize that I only suck at selling when I don't believe in the product and company which is SO not true with Park Lane!
Fast track 9 months and I have received 2 promotions and have a fantastic team of amazing ladies to share the journey with. I love that I get to help them achieve their dreams while I achieve mine, just by talking to others about Park Lane and sharing the opportunity! I am super thankful everyday I replied to Rebel's post, the support and guidance from incredible women that I now have the honor of calling my friends.
Park Lane has enabled us to ramp up our lifestyle tenfold, receive fantastic recognition and I get to "play" with a team of amazing, inspiring women everyday."

SANDRA - Area Manager Robina, Qld,

Ever stepped outside your comfort zone? Ever looked at something and thought “this is too good to

be true?” Hi my name is Donna Drinkwater, Area Manager for Park Lane Jewellery and the answer

is…… “yes, I have!!”

Park Lane launched in Australia in March 2014. My sister-in-law Sheron Drinkwater was passionately

speaking about this new business opportunity she was involved in and she was looking for recruits in

my area. For some reason I said “pick me”. From that point on it has been an amazing journey. I

signed up as the 30th Australian Park Lane Representative joining in March of 2014.

I commenced building my team. I started with my best friend and then close family members and

now my team has expanded to include an extensive range of women from varying backgrounds. The

potential of the Park Lane Business opportunity is only limited by your own passion and

commitment. Park Lane enabled me to party around the events in my life that were important to

me, my family and my fulltime employment commitments. With Park Lane, I was my own boss, I

worked as little or as much as I wanted and when I wanted. I was able to develop a whole new

branch to my life, and it is FUN. This cannot be called a job.

Along the way there have been events that have impacted on my life and my Park Lane Business.

The networking, support and leadership in our team and our Park Lane family have enabled me to

continue, refocus and grow. Our Senior VP Sales has a mantra “Winners never quit and Quitters

never win”. In reality the only way you can fail with Park Lane is if you quit.

Park Lane offers amazing opportunities and incentives as well as spectacular jewellery which almost

sells itself. I know for me that Park Lane has become an integral part of my life, one I will continue to

share with my hostesses and with like- minded business savvy people who want to enrich their lives.

I am extremely proud to be an Australian Park Lane Representative.

Don’t let self- doubt prevent you from grasping this opportunity with both hands and seeing where

the journey takes you.

Donna Drinkwater, Area Manager Park Lane Jewellery,

"As a university student living out of home trying to support myself I knew that I needed to get a part-
time job which was flexible around my uni timetable. Searching for part-time employment was difficult.
My sister in-law who had join Park Lane a few months prior, along with my mum thought it'll be a great
idea to sign me up so I'd be able to earn some extra money while living out of home. To be completely
honest at first I wasn't keen on the idea, I didn't know if I wanted to join direct sales as I thought no one
would be interested in buying anything from an 18 year old, however, I didn't want to disappoint anyone
so I thought I'd give it a go. There really wasn't anything to lose anyway!
I was finding it rather difficult at first as I can be extremely shy and scared when it comes to public
speaking, however the constant support and motivation within the group amazes me! It gives you the
confidence you need and helps you try different things at your parties until you find the way that works
best for you.
I went along to the Sell-a-bration conference on the Gold Coast where I heard about the incentives which
Park Lane have to offer. At the end of the conference I was motivated to achieve the incentive trip to
Disney world Orlando, Florida as it's a place I've always wanted to go to. I found it difficult getting
parties in Brisbane as I had only just moved there and had no family members there to help me get
started, therefore every weekend I would drive 4hrs up to Maryborough to have all my parties and I was
trying to earn two tickets for Disney world. If you really want something you'll do everything it takes to
achieve it.
For someone who wasn't keen on the idea in the first place has fallen in love with what Park Lane has to
offer and I'm so thankful I was given this opportunity! If I was told from the start that I would have
advanced to Area manager, receive two (2) fully paid trips to Disney world Orlando, Florida and making
the income I do every month all before turning 19years old I wouldn't have believed them. I still can't
manage to put my head around it all. Park Lane really is too good to be true!"


"I can only think of 1 reason why someone wouldn’t join Park Lane Jewellery...
“They don’t have the information about this Incredible Company”
Hi Samantha Sands from the Fabulous Gold Coast.
Park Lane came into my life in July 2014, as an owner of a hair salon with 5 staff as well as another side business, yes you could say I am a very busy person. Did I want another business? NO, Did I have time for another business? No… So why did I take on Park Lane? Yes another business…
* This company has been around longer than me 60 years, which means to me its secure, safe and they know what they are doing.
* The way they look after their Customers, Hostesses & Fashion Directors is Crazy Good…..
* Do you have to be a jewellery expert? No…. Once people see the jewellery they seriously just want it. Then add in the customer bonus item sale and they are blown away with what they get for so little….
* Our team of leaders are so dedicated to helping people and sharing their knowledge and information so nobody is left wondering what or how???
* Majority of people have never worked with party plan before, we support anyone who joins us 100%.
* Everybody has the opportunity to go on 2 all expenses paid family trips every year.
* Friendships made have blown me away. I thought I had enough friends. Clearly not.
This is hands down the Best Easiest Business opportunity I have ever been presented with and I Love Love Love sharing it with anyone I can, because “Park Lane can seriously change people lives forever”.
“Park Lane gives us the Dream, Now its up to us to make it Ours”
We cant wait for you to join our Team

Samantha, Area Manager Gold Coast, QLD,

"I joined Park Lane in March 2014 at their Australian launch on the Gold Coast having been invited by Rebel whom I had known for a few years and had discussed her facebook posts with her about her business.
I loved what I saw and when I found out that it was a 59 year old, family owned, debt free Company and that the jewellery had an unconditional lifetime guarantee I was sold and I knew I had to be part of this incredible journey.
I am older and wanted something that I would enjoy doing to make some extra money and I cannot explain just how much I absolutely love working with Park Lane Jewellery.
Not only has the jewellery been fabulous with 2 new catalogues a year but the support from the Company is second to none and the girls are wonderful. We have become a great group of friends with a common goal.
Best decision I have made!"

LEA, Area Manager Clear Island Waters, QLD

Hi I’m Corrina and I live in Sydneys’ Inner West. When I joined Park Lane Jewellery I was caring for my husband with Brain Cancer and 3 children under 7 years old. My best friend had joined and I wanted to help her get started…. so I had a party.
By the end of the night, I had decided I liked the jewellery so much, that I bought the Presidential Kit and signed up straight away!
I didn’t know when I would have time to sell the jewellery or start my own team to grow my business, but it was a way for me to have some time out each week from my family and my husband’s disease.
Since then I have met some amazing people and have been supported on my journey both professionally and personally. I went to Chicago for the Park Lane Jewellery 60th Anniversary and it was absolutely the best thing I could have done. Scott LeVin the CEO, is an inspiring, passionate person who truly believes in giving back and paying it forward.
I’m paying it forward by hopefully inspiring you to do something for yourself and become part of the Park Lane Jewellery family. We are all here to connect with others, share the opportunity and provide for our own families in a way that fits in with our own lifestyle.


I started with Park Lane after I saw how well my friend Sherree was doing with her business. When I found out the company was so new in Australia I realised this was an exciting ground floor opportunity I didn’t want to miss out on. The other things that caught my attention were the amazing host rewards, the generous compensation plan, the customer bonus plan, the lifetime guarantee on the stunning jewellery and the fact that you could earn two all expenses paid overseas trips every year as a fashion director. Once I got started I realised how easy it was to book parties because everyone loves the jewellery and the host rewards make people’s eyes light up. I also quickly found out how generous the company is. I’ve been showered in free jewellery and every time more arrives on my doorstep it’s like Christmas! I’m making more money than I ever have in the direct sales industry and I’ve only just started. I can only imagine how exciting my paychecks will be in a year or so. I also love that we get paid every week.. how great is that! I’ve met some lovely people through Park Lane, everyone is so welcoming. The people that run the company are wonderful as well. I have never felt like a number to them.. I feel like I’m part of a big family and we’re all cheering each other on. I can’t wait to start earning trips and taking my family overseas. I’m also really looking forward to the conventions in Vegas. None of this feels like work to me, it’s just fun and rewarding and I’m really excited about building a team and helping other people make their dreams a reality. That’s the best part about Park Lane, you can use it as a vehicle to create anything you want.. from a bit of extra cash, to a life changing career. The sky is the limit.


Ally McLennan,

My name is Megan McCrickard and I discovered Park Lane Jewellery on Facebook in February 2015. What started as me trying to find out where I could purchase the ring I had seen quickly turned into wanting to sign up myself to sell it! What a fabulous decision it was. I have been in the beauty industry for 15 years and for 13 of those years I have been self-employed. I started a salon as a sole operator with 2 beauty rooms I quickly grew to have 1 staff member and in 3 years I had moved premises and had a staff of 5. I loved many aspects of my business none of which were the stress of the outgoings or the responsibility of keeping people in jobs. Fast forward another 7 years and I was back working from home as a sole operator and only 1 beauty room! Once I had recovered from the stress of everything involved with downsizing a business I started to get bored and felt I needed to be challenged again. Then poof Park Lane emerged! All the people closest to me have made comment on how happy and content I am and Park Lane has a great deal to do with that.  I have met some amazing Women (and men)  who inspire and encourage me to be the absolute best I can be. I am building a business and a team that I am extremely proud of and am thankful every day for that ad that I came across. Not to mention my jewellery box is freaking amazing! If you are looking at the Park Lane Opportunity the best piece of advice I can give you is “What have you got to lose?”

Megan McCrickard Branch Director,

“Hi, my name is Sharon Dobe & I can’t rave about Park Lane Jewellery enough! I joined in June 2015 after attending a friend’s party & loving the quality of the jewellery, the unconditional guarantee (yes, it IS true), the amazing customer bonus sale & the very generous hostess rewards. I’m a huge direct selling fan & am yet to come across any other company that offers so much to customers, hostess’s & consultants. Sometimes I wonder how Park Lane makes any money by being so generous but it’s clearly a system that has been working for them for over 60 years as they are debt free.
I have a ‘regular’ job as a domestic flight attendant but was looking for some extra cash to help with the mortgage. Having done a short stint of direct selling before, I was looking at doing something like that again even though that experience wasn’t a great one to be honest but this type of work (or fun) can easily fit around my work schedule. I started researching & was tossing up between another company & Park Lane. Guess who won? Great pay, lots of FREE jewellery, generous hostess rewards, very little outlay, they look after customers as well, no sales/party pressure (which was very important to me after my last experience). The complete opposite of my previous direct selling experience. I never achieved anything with the other company but with Park Lane, I have earned so much free jewellery just for doing my job & my party bookings have been constant. I’ve done more parties with Park Lane in a few months than I ever did in a year with the other company as the incentive is there for ladies to book a party which makes it easy for me to earn all my FREE jewellery! I am excited to see what the future holds & look forward to building a team & help others fulfil their dreams too. Best decision I’ve made in a long time!

Sharon Dobe,

With 2 Young children and going to 1 income made our familiy budget beyond tight, it looked like my only option would be to place my at the time newborn and 2 year old in full time daycare and work FULL TIME, but realistically the money that would be paid out to do so not to mention not being able to bond with my babies really was NO option….

PARKLANE was our savior I was introduced to this amazing company from another mummy at my children's playgroup and I am so glad that she shared the opportunity Parklane offers with me.

The last almost year has not only helped with our family budget I work around my kids not my kids working around my job, I have made fantastic friends, met heaps of new people, grown in self confidence as well as been able to make a difference to a young girl with brain cancer and her family  with fundraising through my Parklane business.

For all this I will be forever grateful i found Parklane & i cannot wait too see what the next 12 months will bring!!!!

Lisa Jones Fashion Director,

Hello, my name is Jan Price and I am a Fashion Director based in Townsville.
In June 2014, my husband and I retired after many years in the work force. We have always loved travelling, especially cruising, have a great social life and many close friends and family. In November 2012 I became a Nanna as well.
Since retiring, we continue to enjoy life to the full! I have been an active celebrant for almost six years as well. Although retired from the traditional workforce, I have most certainly not retired from life and approached my hairdresser, who I knew was a Park Lane Jewellery Consultant. After having a coffee with the lovely Maddy, I realised this was for me and I could easily work this Park Lane Jewellery business around my lifestyle and Celebrant commitments!
I achieved my kit before I even had my launch party and from there it has been fantastic. I love been a part of this business. The bonus system, the help I get to be successful, and the jewellery that I get for getting out there and sharing with lovely girls. It's amazing! To anyone deciding if this business is for them, I say 'Give it a go'! The only thing my hubby tells me now is "You always took a while to get ready to go out, but now you take even longer having to decide what jewellery to wear with your outfits"!

Jan Price,

Hello my name is Lucy. I am a mother of 2 beautiful children and a wife to my hard working husband.

 I first saw Park Lane on Facebook when Rebel Whale posted an advertisement.   I had not heard of Park Lane Jewellery before and I thought the jewellery was simply beautiful.

 At the time I was looking for some extra money so my husband could come off aternoon shift to spend more time with his family, so research I did. I could not fault what I was reading so I booked a party to see what it was all about.

 Rebel put me in the wonderful hands of Wendy Javni who came into my home and did a party for me.  Once again I could not fault Park Lane.

  I decided to join up on Christmas eve as a little present to me and became a Fashion Director with Park Lane Jewellery.

 I am happy to say my husband is now off afternoon shift and can spend the evenings at home, which without the OMG support of the Park Lane family would not have happened.

 My journey has just begun but, I do say watch this space because with Park Lane Jewellery by my side I can feel a fabulous time ahead!

LUCY - Fashion Director Bendigo, VIC,

My Park Lane story started when I was stuck in an airport waiting to get on a plane to come home after an overseas holiday.

I saw a post on Facebook which I had now come across for the 2nd time and thought maybe I’ll just find out a bit about this.

When I was reading through all the information I honestly thought there must be catch somewhere as it just seemed too good to be true. After speaking to Wendy Javni she assured me that it wasn’t too good to be true and she had searched high and low and was yet to find the catch as there wasn’t one!

 I had never done anything like this before and each party I do I learn something new.

 We have some amazing women who are a constant source of information, inspiration, encouragement and who are so approachable and friendly.

 The jewellery is amazing and it’s hard not to get excited when talking about it!!

 I look forward to seeing where my Park Lane journey will take me ….. on an all-expenses paid overseas holiday hopefully very soon!!

SIMONE - Fashion Director Geelong, VIC,

I live in Melbourne, Victoria with my gorgeous 3 year old daughter and my wonderful partner who recently proposed. I've been a stay-at-home mother for the last 3 years and I felt it was time for me to take control of my future and my role in my small (growing) family. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do.....I want to say I'm so glad I've found Park Lane but truly Park Lane found me!
When I came across the advert I decided to go ahead and show my interest. At the time I was searching for a fulfilling, flexible job.... so why not start selling some jewels I thought?!! I've always been a lover of jewellery, and any excuse for a party is a good excuse for me!
I've joined Park Lane as I have never heard of such an awesome rewards program for hosting. There are so many benefits for customers, hostesses and most of all the endless rewards for consultants......it's great all around.
After a few weeks of trying to find the "I knew it was too good to be true" catch, I'm yet to find a negative with Park Lane. Previously I was in the hairdressing industry and I've recently undertaken a Diploma in Beauty Therapy. I feel a need to bring in the extra income as we are having a baby number 2 in a few short weeks and as many mothers would agree, extra kids equals extra expenses!
I am very excited to start this journey and I look forward to a future with Park Lane Jewellery.

CARLYN - Fashion Director Bonbeach, VIC,

Hi I'm Claire from Busselton in WA. I joined Park Lane Jewellery in April 2015 and I can say with all honesty,  it's the best thing I've done in a long time. I had previous experience with party plan many years ago, but Park Lane Jewellery is just so different.  I joined because there was no one selling jewellery in my town that I knew of and thought it would be a good business decision.  It didn't take me long to realize how much I loved the jewellery and the people. You will hear and read that we are a stand up and cheer each other on organization and that is absolutely what we do, but more than that we are family.  All the ladies all over the country are there to help and support you. We have a fantastic group of leaders that love what they do. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't join us at Park Lane Jewellery.  Take that step and find out for yourself just how rewarding it can be! I have so much free jewellery I can't decide what to wear most days! Park Lane Jewellery really looks after us as consultants.  My only regret is that I didn't join sooner.

Claire Eaton Fashion Director,

I am a seventh generation West Australian who has a wonderful husband and two gorgeous (huge) Collie fur babies. I have spent most of my working life managing not for profit organisations and now do contract management.

I joined Park Lane on an endorsement from a former Direct Sales colleague who had done all the research and made my job in finding a part time business so much easier.

I was looking for a business that I could share with women who wanted to advance their lives and that of their friends and family, those who had some vision and drive!

I have found that in Park Lane!

In addition to my wonderful Park Lane Jewellery business, which is going really well, thanks to the fabulous team support and training resources, I also have my own skincare, health and wellness company called Jacquie Berkhout Facing Facts and genuinely love helping ladies create wonderful glowing healthy skin and address their concerns without the necessity of invasive procedures.

What with Great Bling Opportunities and fabulous skin, a girl couldn`t ask for anything more!!

I love travelling and going out for fabulous dinners with family and friends with great bottles of wine. I also love motorsport, watching international cycling and dancing in my BLING BLING BLING!!

Jacquie Berkhout,

Hi, my name is Maureen Sparrow and I am now a Branch Directer for Park Lane. I am very grateful to be a part of this amazing company. I found an add on Facebook from Katrina Navan and after being unemployed since the end of April, I really needed something to go right and along come Park Lane and Katrina The support and friendship is more than I could have ever asked for and lets not forget the gorgeous jewellery. This isn't a job, this is living.

Maureen Sparrow Branch Manager,