USA training

USA Training Videos

“This USA training is amazing, however, please note that the USA customer bonus plan and five star hostess plan differ slightly, so ALWAYS refer to the Australian version for reference”

Initial Training Class

"History of Park Lane"

Initial Training Class


Initial Training Class


Initial Training Class


Introduction to Customer Buys

Wish List - Referral Rewards

"Buzz" Words

Booking Seeds=Multiple Bookings

Guest Order Form

Fold Out Brochure

Booking Tips

Booking Tips with Maria Haegele

Booking Happy Hour Parties

Booking Tips

How to use the Monthly Planner to get Bookings

How to use Lipstick Purses to get Bookings

Personal Appointments

Using Tickets at your Shows

Market Yourself!!

Stack the Hostess

How to get Bookings on Facebook

Facebook Booking Tip

Customer Sale Explanation

Use Facebook to Generate Business

Personal Appointments

Sharing the Opportunity

Sharing the Park Lane Opportunity

How to get a Promotion

Park Lane Jewelry - Scott LeVin

How to have a Facebook Party

10 Commandments of Recruiting

How to Market Yourself on Social Media

You in your Jewellery

How to get the best out of your parties

4 tips to getting your new fashion

Michele Zito Fun at the Show

5 Reasons to use the Roller Method

Changing Your Outlook

Recruiting a Team

Buy 2 Get 4 Sale

Organizing your Jewelry Rollers

Hostess Coaching

How Park Lane Changed My Life

Park Lane Testimonial

Park Lane Testimonial


Customer Care and Follow Up Calls

Overcoming Objections

How to get Bookings Confidently!

Park Lane Testimonial

3 Simple Booking Steps

Park Lane Testimonial