"Hi, I'm Sandra and I have been with Park Lane since we launched Australia in March 2014. I also own a Personal Styling business on the Gold Coast and knew the minute I saw the amazing Jewellery come through my newsfeed that I wanted it for my clients. Initially I wasn't interested in parties or recruiting just the bling! I am the first one to tell you I suck at selling, totally true, BUT the beauty of our gorgeous Jewellery is truly that it sells itself!Within a couple of months in the business I realised how easy it was, from the amazing benefits we offer our Hostesses, Customers and a Lifetime Guarantee that ensures booking after booking.
I have now come to realize that I only suck at selling when I don't believe in the product and company which is SO not true with Park Lane!
Fast track 9 months and I have received 2 promotions and have a fantastic team of amazing ladies to share the journey with. I love that I get to help them achieve their dreams while I achieve mine, just by talking to others about Park Lane and sharing the opportunity! I am super thankful everyday I replied to Rebel's post, the support and guidance from incredible women that I now have the honor of calling my friends.
Park Lane has enabled us to ramp up our lifestyle tenfold, receive fantastic recognition and I get to "play" with a team of amazing, inspiring women everyday."

SANDRA - Area Manager Robina, Qld,