"As a mum of 3 young kids and with a husband who works away (Fly in Fly out), I rarely had time to get out and enjoy adult conversation, and hardly ever was able to make time to socialise with other women. I saw an advertisement on Facebook in May 2014 and responded because the jewellery looked amazing. I did some research and decided I would buy a kit. I had no idea if I would be able to sell it or even if I wanted to, but the kit was great value and I love fashion jewellery. I had zero experience at selling anything and thought if I can't sell it, then worse case scenario would be that I still have the jewellery to wear.
When the kit arrived, I had a Launch Party and from that week on I had a party or 2 every weekend, and in fact I paid for my kit in just 2 parties.
Before I purchased the kit I was a little worried I didn't have a large amount of friends, but it turned out it didn't matter as I got bookings from my friend's parties and I have just continued on from there. The best bit now is that I have so many more friends than when I started and I have met some amazing ladies who's friendship will be lifelong.
Park Lane offers an amazing amount of incentives and within the first couple of months I had earned a ticket to Aruba in the Caribbean just for showing the jewellery and getting out of my house a couple of times a week. I have also since earned a trip to Paris for myself and my husband, which I will be enjoying in March this year.
Park Lane has gone from something of a hobby to changing my life completely. As a family we are planning for my husband to not have to work away and that will be so amazing for all of us. In October 2014 I was named the number 1 seller of Park Lane jewellery in Australia. So if you are thinking it's something you can't do, you absolutely can, and you can start with zero experience. I'm living proof of it!"

Tanya Piggot - Senior Divison Manager , Mareeba, Qld