Park Lane has truly bought so much magic into my life.

I am a Head Teacher in a High School and my work load is huge… I would find myself

working tirelessly in front of the computer night after night.

As a single mother of 1 little boy, I found myself restricted to nights and weekends alone

or heading out to do the sporting thing or again doing work that really wasn’t in my job

role. I felt there was a real void in my life and I needed something for me but what?

I came across an advertisement about Park Lane jewellery and became very intrigued by

the wonderful pursuits and the positivity of the women in the Park Lane Rebels group

and the opportunities this business offered. I introduced myself to Rebel Whale who set

me up on the path to success.

I started in May 2015, to date I have been to Chicago for the 60 Year Jubilee Park Lane

Convention and met the founder of the company Shirley Levin and CEO Scott Levin and

brothers Arthur and Mark. Managed to earn a cruise on Lake Michigan, a gorgeous Park

Lane ensemble and a bonus $500 cheque, I achieved Branch manager within 9 weeks

and had started building my own personal team. I have travelled to Newcastle to talk

about my personal journey with Park Lane at a business opportunity meeting and flying

out to Brisbane for a meeting with the amazing Tom Judson.

I am also very excited about having almost earned an all expenses paid trip to Lisbon

Portugal in March 2016.

If that isn’t enough every month I have earned the gorgeous ensemble for meeting sales

goals and I have also earned anywhere from $600 to $1000 worth of jewellery a month

as well as being paid a weekly income.

There are so many opportunities and my end goal is to build a successful business

where I can retire early and just sell this gorgeous jewellery. Park Lane has offered me

an amazing opportunity to save for my retirement, build an amazing future for my son

and I, fulfill my dreams of travel and fill an empty void in my life.

I love the shows, the positive interactions with a wide variety of woman from all walks

of life and the support and encouragement from an amazing and inspiring team of like

minded women from the Park Lane Family.

The incentives are amazing… I encourage you to think seriously about this amazing

business opportunity.

Katrina Navan-Branch Manager,Port Macquarie,NSW,