"As a university student living out of home trying to support myself I knew that I needed to get a part-
time job which was flexible around my uni timetable. Searching for part-time employment was difficult.
My sister in-law who had join Park Lane a few months prior, along with my mum thought it'll be a great
idea to sign me up so I'd be able to earn some extra money while living out of home. To be completely
honest at first I wasn't keen on the idea, I didn't know if I wanted to join direct sales as I thought no one
would be interested in buying anything from an 18 year old, however, I didn't want to disappoint anyone
so I thought I'd give it a go. There really wasn't anything to lose anyway!
I was finding it rather difficult at first as I can be extremely shy and scared when it comes to public
speaking, however the constant support and motivation within the group amazes me! It gives you the
confidence you need and helps you try different things at your parties until you find the way that works
best for you.
I went along to the Sell-a-bration conference on the Gold Coast where I heard about the incentives which
Park Lane have to offer. At the end of the conference I was motivated to achieve the incentive trip to
Disney world Orlando, Florida as it's a place I've always wanted to go to. I found it difficult getting
parties in Brisbane as I had only just moved there and had no family members there to help me get
started, therefore every weekend I would drive 4hrs up to Maryborough to have all my parties and I was
trying to earn two tickets for Disney world. If you really want something you'll do everything it takes to
achieve it.
For someone who wasn't keen on the idea in the first place has fallen in love with what Park Lane has to
offer and I'm so thankful I was given this opportunity! If I was told from the start that I would have
advanced to Area manager, receive two (2) fully paid trips to Disney world Orlando, Florida and making
the income I do every month all before turning 19years old I wouldn't have believed them. I still can't
manage to put my head around it all. Park Lane really is too good to be true!"